how to activate smartphone fm chip

by Jacey O'Hara 9 min read

How do I activate the FM chip in my phone?

About This ArticleDownload and install NextRadio from the Google Play Store.Open the NextRadio app.Connect a pair of wired headphones to act as an antenna.Swipe left and tap I'm Ready!.Tap Local FM Radio or Local Stream and tap a radio station.Apr 7, 2020

How do I activate the FM chip in my Android phone?

Open your device's app launcher, search for “Radio” or “FM Radio,” and open the FM radio app. Note that you'll need to have wired headphones connected to your device to listen to live radio broadcasts. That's because your smartphone uses the wire in your headphones as an antenna to receive radio signals.Nov 14, 2021

Why is my phone FM radio not working?

Clear app data and cache of Radio app Simply clear app data and cache. Clearing data and Cache is most effective where you are getting an error message anytime you try to launch your FM radio. Close the menu. Search the frequency of the channel you want to listen to.Sep 1, 2021

How do I get FM radio on my phone?

0:072:22How to use the FM radio on your Android phone - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo here on my incredible tap on the FM radio it opens up you see it's actually at a station and I'mMoreSo here on my incredible tap on the FM radio it opens up you see it's actually at a station and I'm listening to it right now through the headphones.

How do I activate phone radio?

ProcedureOpen the phone app.Dial *#*#4636#*#* to access the Android testing screen.Tap Phone information.Scroll down to Cellular/Mobile Radio Power.If toggled off, tap the slider to turn the radio on. Wait a few moments to ensure that the setting remains on.

Can I get FM radio on my Android phone?

If your phone has a built-in FM radio tuner, but didn't come with a stock app that lets you access it, then NextRadio is your best bet. The set-up process is simple—just install the app, then if your device is supported, you'll be able to tune in on live FM broadcasts.Feb 5, 2016

How do you set up FM?

To set the FM radio please follow these steps below:Press MENU and select Settings. Preset the desired FM radio stations and its labels. in FM Radio Set-up from Channel Set-up menu. ... Exit from Channel Set-up menu by pressing MENU. The selected preset FM radio. station number and label will appear on the screen.Apr 11, 2018

Why does my phone not have radio?

You may not know it but most of today's smartphones have FM radios inside of them. But the FM chip is not activated on two-thirds of devices. That's because mobile makers have the FM capability switched off. The National Association of Broadcasters has been asking mobile makers to change this.Apr 16, 2015

Can my phone transmit FM?

Some Android phones come with built-in FM transmitter functionality, in which case you can use this natively or with a free app such as Quick FM Transmitter and then broadcast the MP3 and other audio files on your phone to your car radio.