how to activate new iphone verizon after restore from backup

by Carole Barton V 3 min read

Activate your iPhone
Turn on your new iPhone and follow the Setup Assistant's onscreen instruction. When prompted, select "Cellular Data Connection" as your type of connection. Activate with Wi-Fi: Login to the Wi-Fi network you want, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I activate my new iPhone after backup?

With the cable that came with your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your computer. Locate your device on your computer. Wait while your computer detects and activates your iPhone: If you see an alert that shows "Set up as New" or "Restore from Backup," it means your iPhone is activated.Dec 13, 2021

How do I activate my Verizon phone after transferring data?

Activate a new Android SmartphoneSave contacts and content on your old phone using the Transfer Content info .Power both phones down. ... If necessary, insert the SIM card into the new phone.If necessary; ... Follow the on-screen Setup Wizard instructions to activate and set up your new phone.More items...

Do I need to call Verizon to activate my new phone?

Activating your newly upgraded phone Once contacts are backed up, turn off old phone. Dial 1-877-807-4646 from any phone and follow the prompts to activate your 4G LTE service.

Do I need to deactivate my old iPhone before activating my new one?

If activating a new phone, ensure the old phone is powered off and allow several minutes for the deactivation of the old phone to complete.

Can I activate my Verizon phone myself?

It's easy to activate a device you already own through My Verizon. Go to and sign into My Verizon account. Once signed in, select Devices from the My Verizon Navigation and choose Activate or switch device. From here, you will be able to activate a device you already own.

Why is my Verizon phone not activating?

If the activation process doesn't complete automatically when you power on your new phone for the first time, check the following: Ensure a SIM card is inserted in your phone and is attached to your Verizon account. This can be done via My Verizon. Make sure your old phone is powered off.

What is the 3 digit number to activate a Verizon phone?

described under Setting Up Your Phone (page 5 ). Option 3 – Over the Air Activation You can call us to activate your phone. Step 1. From another phone, dial 866.893.7723 and follow the prompts to start activating your phone.

How long does it take for Verizon to activate a phone?

The automatic activation process takes up to 4 minutes to complete after the device (with a properly provisioned SIM card) has been powered on and is in the Verizon wireless coverage area . Turn the device off completely then back on to restart the activation process if needed.

How do I activate my Verizon iPhone SIM card?

You can go online to and enter in your new SIM card number. This will put the SIM on your account. Then insert the card in the device. You can also contact us at *611 or 800-922-0204 to activate the card.Mar 31, 2015

How do I activate my new iPhone to transfer data?

Use Quick Start to transfer data to a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod...Turn on your new device and place it near your current device.A screen appears on your current device that offers the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new device. ... Wait for an animation to appear on your new device.More items...•Sep 20, 2021

What happens to my old iPhone when I activate my new one?

If you transfer the number to the new phone the old one will no longer work as a phone except for 911. The other features on the phone like wifi and apps that do not use a cellular connection will still work. If you transfer the number to the new phone the old one will no longer work as a phone except for 911.Sep 28, 2012

How do I activate my Verizon iPhone 11?

1 Turn off your old phone.2 Power on your new phone. Welcome to your new Apple iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. ... 3 Hello. From the "Welcome" screen, slide up from the bottom of the screen to begin setup.4 Language and Region. ... 5 Quick Start. ... 6 Connect to Wi-Fi. ... 7 Activate your new iPhone. ... 8 Data & Privacy.More items...