how to activate greatcall jitterbug smartphone no sim card

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If you are new to GreatCall, go online at to activate your account. You will be asked to enter in your Jitterbug Serial Number which can be found on the included Activation Card or on the side of the retail box. If you do not have Internet access, you can call our Activation Line at (888) 900-1367. OR

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How to activate your Jitterbug phone?

From your home phone or another phone, call us at 1-866-482-1424. 2. Visit us at When ready, the website or operator will instruct you to press the button. Click to see full answer.

How to unlock Jitterbug smartphone?

Dec 19, 2020 · First I checked the IMEI number with AT&T tech support and it showed the Jitterbug would work. Next, I ported the phone number from GreatCall Cellulare Service to AT&T (Note: Greatcall uses AT&T for its backbone service). When number was ported and I received the sims card, we tried to activate the Jitterbug but no service keep appearing.

Can you unlock the jitterbug smartphone?

May 10, 2018 · Jitterbug Experience Lock Screen Your Jitterbug is equipped with a Lock Screen that prevents accidental dialing as well as an extra layer of security if you happen to misplace your phone. To lock and unlock your phone: 1) QUICKLY PRESS the Power/Lock Button on the side of your phone. NOTE: Your Jitterbug will lock automatically if you haven’t

How to do hard reset GreatCall Jitterbug smart?

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Does Jitterbug come with a SIM card?

Yes, the Jitterbug Flip does have a sim card pre-installed. However, it cannot be removed, or it may damage the phone.Jan 2, 2020

How do you activate a Jitterbug phone?

1:565:55How to Setup Your Jitterbug Smart Smartphone - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn a few moments you'll see the welcome screen when you're ready tap. The top here to get startedMoreIn a few moments you'll see the welcome screen when you're ready tap. The top here to get started button tap the easy-to-use jitterbug. Option then tap continue now that your jitterbug is activated.

Does GreatCall use SIM cards?

A: Greatcall phones use CDMA technology and do not have SIM Cards (GSM).

Does the Samsung Jitterbug have a SIM card?

Peeling the back cover off gives you access to a removable battery and SIM card slot, but there's no micro USB card slot. Flipping the phone open takes you to the main 3.2-inch, 480-by-320 color display.

How do I activate GreatCall?

From your home phone or another phone, call us at 1-866-482-1424. 2. Visit us at When ready, the website or operator will instruct you to press the button.

Where is the SIM card in a Jitterbug phone?

A SIM card slot and an SD card slot are both found beneath the back cover with the battery. Users can add up to 16G of memory to the on-board 16G in order to store photos.

What network is GreatCall on?

Verizon'sThe Jitterbug operates on GreatCall, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon's network. It supports CDMA, as well as LTE bands 4/13, which is the same you'll find on entry-level Verizon devices.May 9, 2016

What company owns GreatCall?

Best BuyBest Buy Health, Inc.GreatCall/Parent organizationsBest Buy announced late yesterday that it has acquired GreatCall, the company behind the JitterBug phone for seniors, for $800 million. The company currently focuses primarily on its emergency response service that has over 900,000 paying subscribers.Aug 16, 2018

Can you use any phone with GreatCall?

GreatCall does not support bring your own device (BYOD). Instead, the company sells what it calls the Jitterbug smartphone and Jitterbug fliphone. Both phones are designed with the elderly and visually impaired in mind. ... Both phones can be considered budget devices and both come with GreatCall's 5star button.

Can Jitterbug phones be unlocked?

All Jitterbug cell phones are unlocked per nationwide standards, but we cannot control which carriers choose to accept or activate our phones, nor do we guarantee our phones are compatible with other networks.Mar 5, 2020

How much is activation fee for Jitterbug?

It costs $35 to activate the Jitterbug Flip2. This one-time activation fee will be added to your first monthly bill.Nov 18, 2021

How do you remove a SIM card from a jitterbug flip phone?

0:564:21Alcatel Go Flip: Removing & Inserting the SIM Card, SD Card - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTurn your phone over on the lower left corner below the volume buttons there's a small notch. ByMoreTurn your phone over on the lower left corner below the volume buttons there's a small notch. By putting your fingernail in the knotch. You can carefully pull the backing. Away from the phone. Now.

How to make a call on a Jitterbug?

Make sure you are in an area where cellular service is available. Check that the signal strength icon ( ) in the Status Bar is at least partially filled. The more it’s filled, the stronger your cellular connection will be.

How to access voicemail in Jitterbug?

Your Jitterbug features a Voicemail Inbox that allows you to quickly listen to and manage your Voicemail messages. To access your Voicemail Inbox, TAP the Voicemail Button

Why do you lock your phone when you are no longer using it?

Lock your phone if you are no longer using it to save power and prevent accidental dialing:

What is the People tab?

The People Tab was designed to give you easy access to the contacts that are most important to you. Creating a list of your favorite contacts will make dialing friends or family quick and convenient. For more information on managing your favorite contacts list see “People Tab” on page 51.

Where is the ringer volume button on Jitterbug?

The Ringer Volume can be adjusted using the Volume Button, on the right-side of your phone, whenever your Jitterbug is unlocked and not actively on a call.

What is the notification area?

The Notification Area displays icons associated with important events that occur such as new Email messages, missed calls, new Voicemails and new Text Messages. Common icons you will see here:

Does Jitterbug have a built in sensor?

Your Jitterbug has a built in sensor to determine how you are holding your phone. Some screens will allow you to rotate your phone sideways to automatically enable the Landscape Keyboard. Sometimes you may find it easier to use the Landscape Keyboard since the keys are more spaced out than the standard