how to activate battlefield 2 if bought on steam

by Dr. Felicity Stark 7 min read

Log in and look at the left bottom corner and click on “Add a Game…” and then on “Activate a product on Steam”. Put in the code for Battlefield 2 CD key and have it in your Steam library, ready for download! You can install Steam to activate your Battlefield 2 key, if you click here.

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How to activate Battlefield 2 Special Forces xpack?

Accepted Solution. Re: Activate Battlefield 2 Retail on Steam? I am sorry but we are not supporting any kind of third party software like steam. If you having trouble with the STEAM client or any kind of request, please get in contact with the STEAM support. Re: Activate Battlefield 2 Retail on Steam?

Can I get a refund for battlefield 2042 on Steam?

Sep 03, 2016 · Battlefield 2: Special Forces: 1. Open Battlefield 2 and log in to your Battlefield 2 account. ( No need onlie account ) 2.Once logged in in Battlefield 2, click the Community Button, then Custom Games. 3.Select the "xPack" game, which should also be labeled "Battlefield 2: Special Forces" and click Activate in the lower right. You will then be asked to restart the game.

Does Battlefield 2 come with the Special Forces expansion?

Jul 21, 2011 · We recently learned that it's possible to activate a selection of EA games bought on Steam on Origin. We've successfully redeemed keys …

How do I get a CD key for Battlefront 2?


How do I activate battlefield on Steam?

To add the game to Steam and unlock all of Steam's perks, here's what you need to do:Open the Steam Library.Click on the “Add a game” icon (plus icon) on the bottom left.Select “Activate a product on Steam.”Click “Next” and accept the user agreement.Enter the Steam key you received from the seller.More items...•Feb 7, 2021

Do I have to rebuy battlefield on Steam?

They're the same game. it's just being sold on steam also as another outlet for sales. You don't need to buy it on steam if you already have it on origin. I think what he's getting at is if Battlefield 4 is crossplay with Origin users.Jun 13, 2020

Can I play a game I bought on Origin on Steam?

If I have already bought a game on Origin, can I play it on Steam? No—games bought on Origin can only be played on Origin.Nov 8, 2021

Where is my Battlefront 2 product key?

@HumanoidBacon On your steam library, right click on the Battlefront 2 and then left click Manage, then CD Keys. A box should appear with the product key for you to copy for that game that you have bought.

Can I transfer my EA Play to Steam?

Re: Can I transfer my EA Play to Steam? As Steam is a separate platform you will need to purchase a separate subscription for EA Play on Steam, you can't buy EA Play on one platform and then use it or transfer to another platform nor connect anything between platforms, even if you use the same EA account.

Can you link your Steam and EA account?

You can only link one Steam account to one EA Account, so make sure you choose the right EA Account to link to. Reminder: Underage EA Accounts can't link to Steam accounts.Nov 8, 2021

Does it matter if I buy a game on Origin or Steam?

If I have already bought a game on Origin, can I play it on Steam? No—games bought on Origin can only be played on Origin.Nov 8, 2021

How do I add games to Steam?

Launch Steam.Click the. Games. menu, choose. Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library.Browse for games on your computer or put a check next to the game(s) you wish to add to the. Library.Click on. Add Selected Programs. .

Is it better to buy on Origin or Steam?

for instance, Is Steam better than Origin? The reason is very simple: Steam offers better services. Steam has most games from third-party publishers, and it also boasts of the biggest library of games. As for EA Origin, it does stock few third-party games other than EA's, but typically, Steam has it beat on pricing.

How do I find my product code on steam?

These keys appear in the Steam library when you right-click the game and select 'Manage' -> 'CD keys'. These keys are used to register your product outside of Steam, with a third party client or service.

Where do I find my activation code on Steam origin?

Re: Steam Product Code For OriginBuy the game on steam.Download/Install on Steam.Start the game on steam.Prompt to login with your Origin account.Login.Ask for Activation and a Product Code.No play for me.

Where is my product code origin?

Go to your Game Library. Right-click the game's tile and select Game Properties. You will see the Product Code in this window.Nov 18, 2016