how do i activate anthem rewards card walmart

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To activate your card, please call 1‑888‑682‑2400 and enter your Card Number and your ArchCare Advantage Member ID, or go to STEP 2: VISIT A PARTICIPATING RETAILER To use your OTC Card, take your card and your covered OTC item (s) to the checkout at any participating store or pharmacy.

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How do I Activate my Walmart MoneyCard?

Mar 21, 2021 · Here’s how to activate your Walmart Credit Card by phone: Call the customer service number on the back of your card. Press “1” for general card inquiries. Enter your card number, followed by “#.”. Tell the representative your name, phone number and Social Security number. After the Walmart representative verifies your identity, he or ...

Can I use my anthem rewards at Walmart in Indiana?

Enter the ID number you use at your job. HCID/Member ID. HCID/Member ID. Activation code. Student ID. Employee ID. HCID/Member ID. Unmask HCID/Member ID. You’ll receive an email with your code from with the subject 'Your ID card is ready now.'.

What are the benefits of anthem healthy benefits plus?

The reward dollars are loaded into the member’s Healthy Rewards account on the online portal and can be redeemed for a variety of retail gift cards. Please ensure you file your claims timely so the members can receive their rewards. To help your practice, all Healthy Rewards activities are tied to HEDIS® scores and/or health initiatives.

How do I use a gift card at Walmart without an account?

Jan 21, 2020 · You must first activate your OTC card. Please call OTC Card Services at 1-888-682-2400 (24 hours, 7 days a week) or go online to the OTC Network website (by clicking on this link, you will leave the Fidelis Care website).


How do you use anthem OTC card at Walmart?

If you don't have a account, you can create one or checkout as a guest. When you're ready to checkout, select the Gift Card option for payment and enter your 17-digit account number and 4-digit security code that's on the back of your OTC card.

What can I buy with my Anthem Rewards card at Walmart?

Starting in January of 2019, Anthem beneficiaries will be able to purchase OTC medications, first-aid supplies, and other health items such as support braces and pain relievers, using the new benefit. Members can shop in Walmart stores or purchase qualifying items online.Aug 21, 2018

How do I use my Anthem health Rewards debit card?

Eligible members can take their Anthem Rewards card to the kiosk at their nearest Wal-Mart store pharmacy. They activate the card by scanning it at the kiosk and earn a $10 reward loaded to the Anthem Rewards card as long as they take the health survey within 90 days of their enrollment.

How does Anthem health Rewards card work?

Through our Healthy Rewards Program, members can earn $10 to $50 for getting certain health services. At the same time, you increase your practice's quality scores by providing members with the vaccinations, screening visits and medications they need. the members can receive their rewards.Mar 18, 2021

How do I check the balance on my anthem rewards card?

Go online to 3. Call 1-866-408-6131 (Hoosier Healthwise, HIP) or 1-844-284-1797 (Hoosier Care Connect).

How do I check the balance on my anthem OTC card?

You can check the balance on your OTC card at any time by:calling 1‑888‑682‑2400. You will be asked to enter your OTC card number.or by visiting Once on the site, you will be asked to enter your OTC card number.or by calling Member Services.Jan 27, 2022

How do I claim my anthem rewards?

Claim your bonus items through the Rewards tab of the Vanity Store in-game....Before you can claim them, you need to:Complete the tutorials.Talk to Prospero at his stall in Fort Tarsis.Complete his mission.Talk to him again.Open the Store.Claim your items in the Rewards tab.Feb 22, 2019

Why did Anthem send me a debit card?

Employees will receive a debit card to pay for qualified medical expenses, such as doctor visits and prescriptions. The card provides a single access point to their HSA and any other spending accounts they're enrolled in. Employees can invest their HSA funds once their HSA balance exceeds $1,000.

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Sydney Health is accessible for members who use the Engage Wellbeing app, but features are limited.

What is the benefit of OTC card?

Your OTC benefits card also gives you access to exclusive savings of up to $50 a week on groceries. You'll see a new listing of items from familiar brands every Sunday. These items frequently include discounts on: dairy products, beans, meat/seafood, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

How to order over the phone?

Call to order. To order over the phone, find the products you want to order in the catalogs and call 1-866-413-2582, TTY 711. You will need the approved item name (s), item ID (s), your OTC card number and security code, and your shipping address to place the order.