eso mods how to activate

by Dr. Eldora Towne III 3 min read

Step 1) Go to ESOUI's website and pick an addon, any addon you want! Step 2) Download and Open the Compressed File (we highly recommend getting the WinRar program online for extraction/viewing these downloaded files)! Step 3) Click and drag the content folder into your Documents>Elder Scrolls Online>Live>Addons folder.

To manually install your AddOns:
  1. Download your chosen addon.
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop.
  3. Open your ESO folder. ...
  4. In the 'live' folder, create a new folder called AddOns (if it doesn't already exist)
  5. Open the AddOns folder.
  6. Copy the files from the folder on your desktop into the AddOns folder.

Full Answer

How do I add mods to ESO?

Feb 22, 2022 · When add-ons for The Elder Scrolls Online are correctly installed on a computer, they will appear in the Add-Ons submenu. Players can access the Add-Ons submenu through the main game menu that appears on the left side of the character selection screen or by pressing the Esc key during gameplay. The Add-Ons submenu allows players to check or uncheck the boxes …

How do I activate add-ons in ESO?

To install addons manually in you first need to download the addons you want. By far the biggest database for ESO addons is Once you have downloaded your addons, place them in the ESO addon folder. The default location for the addon folder is: C:\Users\ [*YOUR USERNAME*]\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns.

Are add-ons legal in ESO?

Aug 04, 2014 · If you did not change install folder it is : c drive, my documents, elder scrolls online, liveeu, addons. Just add them to there and them make sure you activate them in the game. EDIT: Oh, derp. Totally looking in the wrong place. You could also go to ESOUI and check their program called minion for installing mods.

How do I install ESO on my computer?

Aug 11, 2018 · Hey everyone! 💥Click SHOW MORE for time links💥 In this guide, I will show you how to install and update addons via the direct method, and by using Minion....